Nader Khaghani portrait

About Me

“Where have you come from?”, I wonder how to respond. Like everyone else I am a child of the universe. Isn’t that obvious?
“But where were you born?”
“I was born in Mosque of Solomon”,
I respond. I see the confusion in the eyes. I explain. I was born in a small town called Masjedslimon in Southern part of Iran which translates into Mosque of Solomon. That is how myth got into my DNA and soon love of ideas and images sank deep into my soul. I moved to the US in 1967. I love both US and Iran.

“Where did the visual and literal interests come from?”

My grandmother. She was blind but was gifted with an inner insight. She loved to share the wisdom of Socrates and Plato with her grandchildren. She knew how to say mysterious tales of wisdom so, I, a boy six years of age, can understand. She also knew many image laden juicy fairy tales to tell.

As an adult, the former led to love of writing and the latter to images, i.e.painting.

My education: BS, Masters in accounting, and a CPA.

Love of poetry came from my father, and numinosity from
my mother.

This “about me” still leaves a lot unsaid, but then again that is life. Always unfinished…

Anima Mundi

Nader Khaghani

That ladder
One shoe in the visible world
The other in the unseen realm of psyche

Its rungs self discovered
The side rails tower to skies
Deep into earth

That ladder
We must ascend
That ladder we must descend
To and fro up into sky, deep into earth

Earth and sky to unite
Spirit and soul to fuse
A holy marriage
coincidence oppositorum

Up, up, up the ladder for the elevated color harmonies
Down, down, down to the fields of forms inward
Dark caves and crevices of consciousness
Spirit searches deeper layers of soul